by Jack Colcolough  

Our area is having a very good Fall migration so far! Twenty-two warbler species have been reported as well as twenty-three other species of transient migrants. Many of our Winter songbirds and ducks are also beginning to show up. Our Fall migration is a little late this year and we have yet to see the large volume of migrant birds we normally see.


  'Accidental' sightings reported in the last month were: 

Red-Necked Phalarope at Onslow Island of Savannah NWR and Cave Swallow at Lake Mayer in Savannah, GA.


 'Rare' sightings reported during were:

Wilson's Phalarope, migrant Tennessee, Wilson's, Chestnut-sided, Hooded, Nashville and Cape May Warblers, Black Tern, Clay-colored Sparrow, Ash-throated Flycatcher, migrant Solitary Sandpipers, King Rail and Roseate Spoonbill.



Uncommon species were many and include:

Veery, Endangered Piping Plover, Reddish Egret,  migrant Ovenbird, Magnolia, Yellow and Prairie Warblers, migrant Northern Waterthrush, Bob White, Peregrine Falcon, Merlin, American Avocet, Black-necked Stilt, Least Bittern, Wood Thrush, Indigo Bunting, Blue Grosbeak, Baltimore Oriole, Bobolink, Whimbrel, Eurasian-Peregrine Falcon, Loggerhead Shrike, Stilt and Pectoral Sandpipers, Caspian Tern, Wilson's Plover, Long-billed Dowitcher, American  Black-bellied Whistling Duck, Purple Gallinule, Mottled Duck, White-breasted Nuthatch, Glossy Ibis and Bank Swallow.


Other notable or 'Good Finds' include:

Black-throated Blue, beautiful Prothonotary, Yellow-throated,  Black & White, early Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers, migrant American Restart, Bobolink, Eastern Phoebe, early Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Gray Catbird, Gull-billed Tern, early Northern Flicker,Cattle Egret, Spotted Sandpiper, Sora and always Painted Bunting and Ruby-throated Hummingbird among others.


Many thanks to all reporting your bird sightings: Cindy/Ken Groff, Susan Murphy, Jane/Abe Hester, Dottie Bass, Carol Clemens, Fran/Denny Baer, Alan Biggs, Kathy/Grant Greiger, Doreen Cubie, Carmen Sesa, Diana Churchill, Steve Calver, Russ Wigh, Dorothy Mosier, Buddy Campbell, Mary Alice Tartler,  Dick Phillips, Bob Speare, Martha Worth, Debby Boots and many visitors. 
To report a bird sighting that is Accidental, Rare, Out-Of-Season, Uncommon, First-Of-The-Year (FOTY) or First-Of-The-Season(FOTS) or a species that you consider to be a "Good Find" e-mail: or call 843-432-2661. Please state your full name, the bird species sighted, date and location of your sighting and other pertinent information. Keep up the good work of reporting your bird finds'on Birding Friends.


Fall is a best time of the year to bird! Plan to take a birding trip or walk soon!